Crime Times USA Mission

The mission of the publication is to inform & disperse previously unpublished Information and present a Sociological Snap-Shot of the weekly controversial info-graphics and Information trending on the internet that in turn helps spark debate on the Issues that matter.  To promote unity and self-awareness through transparently High-lighting Law Enforcement & Correctional Facility’s Efforts and to ultimately use all presented information to bring needed attention to Regional Missing Persons and perhaps help shed light on an Unsolved Crime. To try and help keep people Informed, Vigilant, & Safe.

Crime Times USA History

America experienced a new type of newspaper in beginning in 2007 after Congress passed the Open Government Act, which defines “News Media” and solidifies the rights of publications using The Freedom Of Information Act (F.O.I.A.)  to distribute the information once thought to be private. New papers slowly opened across the United States with names such as Busted, Just Busted, The Slammer, and Gotcha!  These papers were growing and their eventual takeover of territory was coming from all sides when the entrepreneurial opportunity was taken advantage of before the corporate owned papers took over.   Father & Son Entrepreneurs, beat out  other  papers to market and once the competitors tried to open in Crime Times held territory, superior content and format soundly defeated the competitors attempts.

The new papers capture individuals in all manner of possibilities. Good or bad, to witness or personally feel like you have undergone one of life’s most eye opening events and come out the other side a different person, more knowledgeable and experienced.  Changed as a person? Perhaps. But definitely more wise to the ways of our societies Law Enforcement, Corrections Industry, Judicial system, Bail Bondsman, Defense Attorneys, Probation Officers, etc.   It can wake people up to a point that they become responsible and engaged or it can record a tragic lesson for others to learn from.  The bulk of the new papers present their material in a obvious comedic type format with separate sections making fun of how individuals looked or of exerts of obvious monotonous step-by-step stories of everyday crimes that everyone has heard and seen time and time again on old episodes of Cops.  The basic rundown and no creative format. Not until Crime Times broke the mold trying to be different and help spark debate rather than belittle.  To emphasize rather than judge.  To help get you to informed and start asking questions and start thinking about what really matters in your life!